Dope Francis

DC's Original Loungecortet

OS Bleus (The French Rap)


Lêve-toi, lêve-toi | Wake-up, wake-up

Laisses ces rayons musicales à | Let these musical sunrays

Photosynthètiser ta gueule de bois | Photosynthesize your hangover

Soumets ton ticket à la loterie de samedi soir | Submit your ticket to the lottery of Saturday night

Où est ton etiquette de coterie, ta langue d’ivoire ? | Where is your clique etiquette, your silk tongue?

On y va. Omnivore, mieux consommé tout en vivant | Let’s go. Omnivore, best consumed while still living

Vu sans micro, dans ton tissu de mensonges. Igor, au mirador. | Seen without a microscope in your web of lies, Igor in the watchtower

Palpite ici du graffiti de garde-boue | Palpitating here is some mudflap graffiti

Y’a de la torture dans cette cartouche, et partout. | There’s torture in that cartridge, and everywhere.


A la cadence du claquement des dents du squelette tu danses | To the cadence of the chattering teeth of the skeleton, you dance.

Se becquetant, les vedettes à masques blancs…sont | Pecking each other, the starlets in white masks are…


A la vacance de maquette de pensée, un parcours | Devoid of a thought model, a path

Au carrefour c’est Carlson qui écrase la fourche | At the intersection, it’s Carlson who steps on the fork

Pasteur dopé son ego, son écho abonde au tambour... | Doped-out pastor, his ego, his echo abounds over the drums

Fin je revais lucidement au Seven Eleven | I mean I was lucid-dreaming at the Seven Eleven

Dit le petit gamin, “t’es à un laps d’espace-temps, toi, plaisantin qui fuit ses os bleus sans rien dit, sans rien dit | Said the little kid « you’re at a lapse in space time, you clown who fled from her blue bones without a word, without a word. »



You hit me so I hit you right back, and you bruise bad, and you know I knew that.

You should see your face react: red, blue and black. Now you know that

this staying is aging. So if you need me, what's the trade then?

What the trade then?

I've done a lot of giving but often taken

for granted


this slanted

man planned it

I handed

my planet

he damaged

and damned it

But suddenly now he's in love with me how romantic making his vows, chances hope I'll allow, won't stand it no way now.

Know why? Ah ah. I'm granite. I'm granite. I'm granite. (repeat all)


But who taught me to love you better my dear? Didn't you? (repeat)

Whale Song

Oh what it's that again?

I guess I'm sad again.

Today have I seen my friends? Have I worked towards my ends?


Fuck it, man. What's the point?

...Well I doubt it's this. Smugly watching myself twist, some narcissistic masochist. 


I'm ugly in the morning when I wake to early.

Guilty afternoons when I wake too late.

Lonely in the evening when the people are all leaving to their drinking and deceiving. I don't make those mistakes.

Just waiting...


See you're afraid of letting someone know.

But everybody's known for quite some time.

You don't know what will happen if you let go.

But I know what will happen if you decline.

You'll decline.

Just waiting...